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Surpassing the Original
Sword sliced through the air, ten times, a hundred times. Repetition: practice.
How fair was it that Van got to run and play as he wished, that he was free from the heavy burdens of one day becoming the ruler of Fanelia? He was allowed to be rough, but admonished for his horrible risks. He was allowed to slack off and not study as hard, but he was scolded for his lack of diligence.  Praised for what he did correctly, and merely laughed at when he didn't.
Sharpen weapons, learn how to properly put armor on, how to block fire with a shield, how to swing when the enemy is vulnerable.
Van, on the other hand, jumped off a building to impress his dirty cat girl friend and was rescued by their mother, only to be lectured on the fact he should not show his wings to anyone unless it was absolutely necessary.
Lectures on the other kingdoms, how to appropriately negotiate and form contracts, how to stay in the good graces in the face of other kings and lords. Van attended these lessons,
:icontapandachan:TaPandaChan 0 13
Without You
Without you, Sherlock Holmes, my greatest therapy tool has been rendered completely useless. I had to keep a blog for my own wellbeing, did I? It was supposed to help me get better, I was told. It was supposed to help me sort through my feelings and learn how to trust people more after everything that happened in Afghanistan. I was told to talk about even the more mundane things in my life.
Now that blog is my tattoo, my permanent reminder that the one thing I really needed is now gone.
Without you, Sherlock Holmes, I have lost all balance. They said to keep the cane. "You never know when something bad can happen to your leg, with all of the running around you and he do together." As much as I didn't want to listen I had to agree, had to say that everything was still as unstable as before.
Now I stare at it, loathing, eyes boring into it, imagining the metal searing. Every time I reach for it, leg aching, my hand burns, my eyes cloud. My true crutch is gone.
Without you, Sherlock Holme
:icontapandachan:TaPandaChan 8 13
Mature content
Dear Mr. Holmes :icontapandachan:TaPandaChan 24 29
Distant Thoughts :icontapandachan:TaPandaChan 6 0 Great Distractions :icontapandachan:TaPandaChan 7 3 Merle - Carefree :icontapandachan:TaPandaChan 7 10 Merle - Sunny Days :icontapandachan:TaPandaChan 5 9 Hearts :icontapandachan:TaPandaChan 2 2
In Remembrance
Don't eat the mind honey.
How many times Sollux heard that phrase echo through his head once he came to, once he realized what had just gone down.
Don't eat the mind honey.
The voices mocked him, prodded and pulled at him in ways he never thought was possible. But this was worse than anything he had ever done before.  He couldn't control himself, couldn't control his power and couldn't stop himself from being controlled.
Don't eat the mind honey.
It's supposedly easy to control the minds of lower blooded trolls, but when someone has psychic powers themselves, it shouldn't be nearly as easy for them to be controlled. It should have been impossible.  Vriska shouldn't have been able to take over him when she did, when all his wits were with him.
She made him eat the mind honey.
He could feel his will slipping as he fought against her, felt himself diving straight for the substance, and then he wishes he remembered nothing else.  But he does remember, and it d
:icontapandachan:TaPandaChan 21 27
Mature content
Candy Red :icontapandachan:TaPandaChan 10 14
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College killed my life. So did anime and Kpop.
Check out the anime I watch and the manga I read here:…
My tumblr is majorly unused, but it's WATCH OUT, THERE BE KPOPS
I don't really art anymore. If you're following in hopes I'll post more cosplay for whatever reason, unfollow.
If anything, I'll maybe post pictures once I start getting my steampunk together? It's expensive and I have more of a want/need to spend money on anime and Kpops. You know, and food.
I kind of just use this site now to follow webcomics and pretty (usually gay) art from awesome artist people.

Also I'm going to B1A4 at the Warfield October 11 I'm suuuuuper pumped!
Desert Bus for Hope 8 is starting November 14. Mark your calendars because I will be getting way too much coffee and far too little sleep that week. (Besides the fact there are probable midterms then D= shhh)
Other than that Dicken's Fair in .... Whenever? Maybe? It would be fun.
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