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Submitted on
March 20, 2011
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Looking for someone to chat with... (so, please wait)
You are now chatting with a person, say hi.
▲: Good afternoon.
▼: sup
▲: Are you Dave or Bro Strider?
▼: bro
▲: Fancy running into you, Mr. Strider.
▲: Have you perchance seen my son?
▼: oh... no i havent mr. egbert... been looking for him myself
▲: Well thank you.
▲: I appreciate it.
▼: i wanted to make sure he was okay
▲: I have a feeling he is unaware of my demise.
▼: he doesnt
▼: i ran into a friend of his
▼: she directed him away from the castle last moment
▲: Well, that seems kind of her, then.
▲: Do you recall her name? I should bake her a thank you cake.
▼: vriska
▲: Ah, well I'll get right on that.
▼: she seemed sweet when talking bout john but otherwise... kinda dark girl
▲: Well, she still spared him from seeing the bloodied bodies of myself and Rose's mom.
▲: So I must thank her for that.
▼: he does find your body
▼: she told me
▼: just... not right now
▲: Oh. Well then.
▲: I must go find him
▲: Poor John, he's probably very confused.
▲: I don't want him to go on some crazy rampage!
▼: he wont.
▼: you know that.
▼: hes too good of a kid
▲: I do, but I worry.
▲: I don't think anything has ever set him over the edge before.
▲: I'm afraid this game just might do that.
▼: im more worried about rose
▼: and jade
▲: Rose I can understand, she's always been a bit of a dark child.
▲: But why Jade?
▼: shes... changed thanks to one of the trolls
▼: keeps screaming 'password fuckass'
▲: Oh my, this doesn't sound like the sweet docile girl my son used to tell me about.
▲: And cursing? Didn't her grandfather teach her better than that?
▼: its the trolls
▲: I know, but she always seemed level-headed. I have a hard time believing they got to her so.
▼: yeah me too but uh... its true
▲: If I find her, I will be sure to have a talk with her.
▲: And give her a cake.
▲: She just needs a fatherly talk and a cake, I'm sure.
▼: well i didnt help much
▼: she called me a pedophile
▲: You're more of a brother.
▲: A pedophile? Why Mr. Strider, but that's just not true!
▲: Why would she think something like that?
▼: eh i made a crack about the evil smiley on this site and she took it the wrong way
▲: Oh my. That does not sound good.
▼: yeah not my wisest decision of the day
▲: Oh, I'm sure coming out and saying "My Jade you have a fine behind" would have been worse
▼: hahahah oh man that definately never crossed my mind
▲: So how could you be a pedophile, hmm?
▲: If I find her I will make sure she apologizes to you, next time.
▼: i told ya, i made a crack about the smiley being an evil pedophile that wanted to snatch cute girls and she took it the wrong way
▲: Still. I will help her understand what happened. As well as try to clean that dirty mouth of hers.
▲: It is not befitting of a woman to curse. Cursing is a manly thing.
▼: heheheheh oh man good luck! she is fiesty as hell
▲: Thank you.
▲: Now, if you will excuse me, I must be finding my son.
▲: He probably needs a fatherly talk and a cake too.
▼: good luck man john is elusive today
▲: Thank you. And good luck finding David.
▲: I mean Dave.
▼: thanks. im not sure what to say to him though
▲: Shortened names never sit well with me, I guess.
▲: Oh, well. Tell him you are proud and you love him.
▲: Ask him if he needs any advice.
▲: Tell him you'll always be there.
▲: That sort of thing will always be what he needs to hear.
▼: yeah. alright. thanks mr. egbert
▲: Anytime, Mr. Strider.
▲: Farewell.
▼: bye
You have disconnected.
I was talking to :iconshadowgate31: on Skype and she was telling me all about being Bro today so I decided I'd be Dad. And then first time I was Dad, I ran into her. This is what happens when those two try to talk.

Fatherly talks and cakes. I think I might very much enjoy being Dad.
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muamuamua Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2011
Oh, so this was you! I read another one. You're a really good dad. I like how you, unlike other Dads, incorporate a bit of the prankster. I usually leave sort of joke comments or say silly things, but I'm sincerely impressed with this and I'd like to encourage you to keep doing it.

I'm working on my Mom, and this is good to see.
TaPandaChan Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm planning on it. He's fun to do, and I can use him when I feel like being semi-grammatically correct. xD

Oh man, running into Mom would be amazing.
Shadowgate31 Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2011
Just had to comment that I ran into Mom once as Sollux :P
That was a strange convo.
TaPandaChan Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Lol what?
Shadowgate31 Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2011
I did! I had a convo with Mom as Sollux and she kept giving me drinks while asking about troll culture.
TaPandaChan Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
She would, too...
Shadowgate31 Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2011
Yup. Poor Sol... got drunk.
TaPandaChan Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
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Shadowgate31 Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2011
whooo for awkward parenting talks!
TaPandaChan Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Indeed. They do make for the more bittersweet chats.
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