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▲: sup
▼: hi!
▲: oh look
▲: i have a derpbert
▼: hery!
▼: besided i thought it was egderp!
▲: either or
▲: does it really matter man?
▼: ...
▼: not really!
▲: thought so
▲: so what are you up to?
▼: i'm talking to you!
▲: besides that egbert
▼: oh, uh
▼: well it's kind of rainy over here
▼: and uh
▼: thunder
▲: do you need a blanket
▼: i got one already!
▼: wait were you making fun of me?
▲: no
▲: if you didnt i would have offered you some strong strider arms
▼: gosh, um
▼: i wouldn't uh
▼: was that supposed to be ironic?
▲: tell me what you think
▲: i cant spoonfeed you egbert
▼: i wouldn't have said no
▼: cuz were bros!
▼: and uh, bros comfort eachother!
▲: yes thats exactly why i offered you a hug to shield you from your girly fears
▼: hey!
▼: i'm not girly!
▼: im very manly!
▲: prove it
▼: what?
▲: prove youre manly
▼: um, how do i do that?
▲: theres a good way i can think of
▼: gosh really?
▼: how?
▲: you have to beat me in gay chicken
▼: gosh okay!
▼: cuz i am very manly!
▲: sure
▲: now throw it at me egbert
▼: uh
▼: maybe you should start!
▲: *runs a hand down your arm tickling your skin*
▲: *whispers in your ear* your turn egbert
▼: u-uh
▼: *cups the side of your face with a hand*
▼: *shaking slightly* n-now you
▲: heh looks like youre losing
▼: im not!
▼: im just uh,
▼: not very good at this
▼: but ill beat you!
▲: *leans in and licks his cheek teasingly*
▼: uah
▲: *sneakily reaches and squeezes his ass*
▼: o-oh god
▲: youre not going to win
▼: i will!
▲: isnt it the most ironic thing
▼: um
▲: being the best at this game
▼: *slowly crawls into your lap*
▲: *rests hand so it lingers lightly on egberts thigh*
▼: *straddles you and puts arms around your neck*
▲: *smirks and pushes up glasses*
▲: *stares for a second then leans in to kiss you*
▼: do i wi-mmph
▼: um
▼: *starts shakingg*
▼: *slowly reaches for the bottom of your shirt*
▲: *stares at egbert*
▲: isnt it the pinnacle of irony
▼: i told you!
▼: im going to win!
▲: you can never win
▲: because
▲: *slides hand to rest lightly over john, then squeezes*
▼: nnnaaah
▲: i have
▲: *kisses him again*
▲: the most unironic
▲: crush on one egderp
▼: o-oh god
▼: d-dave
▲: yes egbert
▼: y-your hand is
▲: i know where my hand is
▼: ah!
▼: *breathing hheavily*
▲: are you going to back down now that you know nothing will bother me?
▼: n-no
▲: good
▲: then say it
▼: s-say what
▲: *stares at john with those red eyes*
▼: o-oh god
▲: if you cant say it
▲: then you lose
▼: d-daaaave
▲: *squeezes lightly with his hand*
▼: oh f-fuck
▼: i
▼: n-need
▲: you need what?
▼: *starts squirming in your lap*
▼: s-something
▼: i dont
▲: i can suck you off if thats it dont be shy in asking
▼: o-oh god
▼: d-dave?
▼: i-i think
▼: i might be a homosexual
▲: think
▲: egbert why do you think you played this with me?
▼: cuz you said
▼: that it would prove i was manly
▼: u-uh
▲: admitting it is enough
▲: you can still be a manly homosexual
▲: look at me
▼: *looks up at you*
▼: are you um
▼: serious?
▲: no im not good joke huh
▲: of course john
▲: and im not in love with just any man
▲: that one lucky person
▲: is you
▼: o-oh god
▼: i think that um
▼: i think i
▼: l-love you to
▼: *flushes and looks away*
▲: *grabs his chin* john
▲: only one person besides my bro has seen these eyes
▼: um who?
▲: *blinks and rolls his eyes*
▲: who am i looking at
▼: m-me?
▼: gosh um,
▼: im flattered
▲: i saved them
▲: this mutant glory
▲: just to show one aderpable, bucktoothed person
▼: there um, not mutant
▼: there really pretty
▼: uh
▼: *hesitantly lifts hand to your face*
▲: you think so
▼: y-yeah
▼: can i um
▼: can i k-kiss you?
▲: you mean besides over this chat host
▼: god yes
▲: is there still thunder where you are
▼: huh?
▼: oh yeah
▼: i kinda
▼: um forgot
▼: ehe
▲: im coming over
▼: now?
▲: itll be but a few seconds for you
▼: o-okay
▲: bye john
▼: yeah
▼: see you soon


But this was fun. SO FUN, bro. SO FUN.

John, thanks for putting up with my shit.
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